It is a Mexican company with more than 14 years of experience, which offers its commercial allies solutions that range from the Prevention of Commercial Fraud, as well as the different alternatives in Business Collection. Being the number one option for large brands, financial groups and SMEs.

  • Today, our collection service has had a significant boom, which has allowed us to open the way to a new era in the expansion of our business to the international market.

  • Promoting good collection practices, serving the interests of each of our allies, creating alliances of great human and commercial value.

  • Our main task is to take care of helping others, through our strategic service, making sure to establish lasting successful relationships.

Adhering to the highest quality standards, transparency in processes, professional ethics and teamwork.


Create reliable and lasting business alliances, based on an ideology that is based on "serving", forming this purpose in each collaborator. Which leads us to offer a high quality service, before and after doing business, thus ac quiring a prosperous result for each of our clients.


Day by day we grow stronger in service to others; managers, collaborators, clients, and business partners. Permanently oriented in a respectful communication, handling us honorably and providing high quality services.


"One business and one person at a time ..." Build relationships of great value forged in transparency and adaptability. Create new lines of business reaching satisfied clients and partners in international markets.


Serve with Responsibility, Loyalty and high Quality. Instill our purpose of Transparency, Adaptability, Respect and Honorability inside and outside the organization in our Work teams.