In the event of non-payment by your client, and upon extending the time of non-compliance, it is time to start with the extrajudicial management. At B2B Collection we provide you with the solidity that your business or company requires to recover your overdue balances, as well as other benefits:


You will not pay our fees until your accounts are partially recovered or in a single payment.


Visit to the debtor's Home or Office.


Each account is managed independently, offering you the peace of mind and certainty that the best group of lawyers will back you up when carrying out commercial transactions.

National and International coverage.

Solutions at your fingertips

B2B Risk Analysis

Avoid commercial fraud when granting a line of credit. We provide you with updated and reliable information about the applicant. In addition, we make a visit and we have Extrajudicial guarantee.

Extrajudicial Collection

Time and Quality of Service is a priority. Our collection has been the most profitable option for our business partners. Receive management service by professionals.

Judicial Collection

Our priority is to recover the debt. Based on ideology, of not just getting a favorable ruling. Learn about our success judgments.

Certificates & Legal services

This alternative will allow you to clean up your accounting and tax portfolio, through the Bad Debt Certificates.


Get to know our reach.

Legal Services

In B2B we have services that allow you to strengthen your business operations, through the issuance and review of documents, notary procedures, as well as procedures directly in courts and agencies.


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